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jewellery artist, Sam Rowena Taylor
specialises in wire-work and bead-stringing jewellery and accessories

jewellery artist

passionate about beads and jewellery
Sam has had a life-long passion for beads that started when she – as a teenager – discovered the Covent Garden bead shop on a trip to London. This Aladdin’s cave of amazing and beautiful beads, was mesmerising and seemed like from an exotic other world.

“My jewellery journey began with a love for unusual and unique handmade earrings, which I bought from makers at Covent Garden and Camden Lock markets on my annual holiday to London. I longed to be able to create my own bespoke earrings, but didn’t know where to start…  then in my early 20’s, a weekend silver-smithing course gave me the basic knowledge to get started, buy some hand tools and begin experimenting, making my own personalised bead jewellery.”

Whilst working in design, Sam continued making jewellery as a hobby, then after retraining as a teacher, she was asked to teach jewellery making classes at one of the college’s she taught at.

teaching jewellery making classes
From 2005 to 2014 Sam taught jewellery making classes in adult education colleges, ranging from weekly classes and 1-day classes to taster classes with different community and family learning groups. Since 2007 she has been running and teaching her own bebeady jewellery making classes at venues across Lancashire.

“For many years I taught 15-25 weekend classes each year, over the past few years I’ve gradually been cutting down on my teaching work to enable me to spend more time on developing my own jewellery making business and take part in more events. In Spring 2017 I’m organising my last bebeady classes, following this I will still continue to teach the bespoke group classes and taster workshops.” Sam Rowena

jewellery making demo’s & other workshops
Over the years, Sam has done a number of jewellery making demonstrations for women’s groups, taught workshops for galleries and linked her jewellery making with her interest in history for family learning workshops at museums.

Many of Sam’s jewellery making skills are self-taught and her knowledge has developed over many years. She studied silversmithing part-time at college for 5 years and has qualifications in silversmithing, design, art and photoshop. She is a qualified Further Education and Adult Education teacher with over 13 years of teaching experience.

passing on some of her skills and knowledge
she shares her skills and some of her designs with her students and makes her classes the types of course that she would like to attend herself.

“each of my classes has a theme and covers specific materials and designs. I look at how the designs and skill building flow together, and often will tweak a class, adding new designs and techniques until it flows right.

“I get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from passing on my knowledge and experience, encouraging my students creativity with beads and helping them to develop their jewellery making skills.” Sam Rowena