bebeady jewellery class

your work

jewellery created by students at my classes, some of their comments and their stories – work in progress

If you have been on some of my jewellery or tiara making classes and want to be included, tell your story…

A paragraph or two about your jewellery making or other crafts you do. It can include things like what is your favourite piece of jewellery you’ve made or items you’ve made for a special event or as a gift,  a favourite bead that you’ve designed a piece of jewellery around. Do you work alone or with family, friends, a group?  If you’ve progressed from jewellery making to other types of jewellery making or crafts, is it your hobby that you do out of enjoyment and to de-stress from work, or has your hobby, become a part-time business?

You can either email me, complete the contact form or message me on facebook with your story and an image.