lindisfarne gospels exhibition workshop

Anglo-Saxon theme jewellery making workshops at the Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition

It was an honour to take part and be invited to teach some jewellery making workshops at the Lindisfarne Gospels Exhibition at Durham Cathedral in Summer 2013.

(some photos added later)

my journey:

I’ve always been interested in history and enthralled by ancient civilizations and their artwork, especially their use of spirals and scrolls. Spirals have been used by many ancient societies as surface pattern decoration.

Many examples of Anglo Saxons using spiral and scroll-work patterns have been discovered, carved into stones, wood, ivory and used to adorn and decorate their books, jewellery, utensils and weapons.

Luckily, I already had an interesting booklet on the Lindisfarne Gospels in my book collection and after reading it and doing some further research on-line, I was able to link my spiral designs to the Anglo-Saxon scroll-work decoration in the book of Gospels.

the workshops:

The jewellery making workshops inspired by the scroll decoration in the Lindisfarne Gospels, covered making scroll designs in copper wire and using them to create a pair of earrings and a pendant strung onto a beaded cord necklace.

It was great that there was a complete mix of different people taking part in the workshops; women, men, groups of adults, couples, mothers and children.

“I really enjoyed teaching the workshops and never having been to Durham before, it was a great opportunity for me to visit both the cathedral and the Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition.” Samantha